Workshop discusses fair recruitment practice

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, in cooperation with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), organised the first workshop for the team of representatives of public sector institutions concerned for fair recruitment and decent work.

The workshop is part of an initiative ‘Fair Recruitment Forum’ which was launched by the Ministry in May to create necessary awareness about the provisions of the labour law in Qatar, which prohibits the imposition of recruitment fees on workers.

The workshop aims at opening the door for dialogue, discussion and exchange of ideas with public sector clients (institutions and companies) on innovative steps to integrate fair recruitment into Qatar’s public procurement processes to ensure that no worker pays recruitment fees, said a report posted on the website of the Ministry.

The workshop included a number of sessions on how to adopt strategies for the integration of workers ‘rights and the implementation of the Qatari Labor Law, which requires non-payment of recruitment fees.

The panelists discussed opportunities to integrate workers’ rights in the procurement process, and shared the experiences of companies such as QDVC in this context during the sessions of the workshop.

The workshop was attended by the representatives of a number of relevant public sector institutions such as Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, Qatar Rail, Qatar Museums, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Qatar Petroleum, the US Embassy in Qatar and a number of international organizations active in this field.

The Fair Recruitment Forum aims at studying and reviewing the efforts exerted to ensure the achievement of the procedures of fair recruitment, and raising awareness of the Qatari labour law, which prohibits the imposition of recruitment fees on workers, and to ensure that workers do not bear any financial costs by agencies and recruitment companies other than those provided for by law, and adopt the necessary measures and procedures to ensure a smooth, fair, transparent and legal manner of employment.

According to the Ministry, a number of agreements and memoranda of understanding (MoUs) have been signed with the labour-exporting countries in order to achieve the highest standards and conditions of employment and fair recruitment, in line with international conventions and best regional and international practices in this regard.

The efforts exerted by the Ministry to implement the laws and legislations issued in the field of protecting the rights of expatriate workers and combating recruitment fees were lauded on national and international levels.

The Ministry also cooperated with the Ministry of Interior in the implementation of the Qatar Visa Center project, which enhances the protection of expatriate workers by not charging them recruitment fees and costs with the signing of electronic work contracts.

 Source: Peninsula