13 million people benefit from Qatar Charity’s relief aid in 2018

Doha: The number of beneficiaries of Qatar Charity’s (QC) relief projects, implemented in 2018, reached nearly 13 million people affected by crises and disasters in a number of countries.

These projects were carried out with the generous support from the people in Qatar at a total cost of over QR209m. Syrian displaced persons and refugees received major share of the projects. This aid was distributed to the affected people in 31 countries, especially those going through exceptional circumstances such as wars, crises and natural disasters, primarily internally displaced Syrian people and refugees in Turkey and Lebanon.

The relief assistance was also provided to those in need in Yemen, Palestine, Somalia, Iraq, and other countries where relief projects have been carried out in several humanitarian areas.

Humanitarian projects were implemented through Qatar Charity’s offices, or in partnership and cooperation with UN agencies, international organisations and local partners. These projects included comprehensive relief, basic winter needs, food supply, shelters, healthcare, education, water and sanitation, social cohesion and livelihoods, protection, training and capacity-building.

Around 4 million Syrian displaced people and refugees who received QC’s relief projects worth QR85m, emerging as the top beneficiaries, followed by Rohingya people sharing QC’s relief aid worth QR46m. However, the people of Palestine occupied the third place, as the projects implemented for them amounted to around QR17m.

Food supply, education and health projects were given top priority by Qatar Charity in most of the countries covered by the aid. The amount of assistance provided in the field of food supply reached QR59m, benefiting over 3 million people, while the size of the overall relief projects amounted to QR58m.

The cost of educational projects such as running schools, printing curricula, and training teachers reached QR30m, while the more 7 million people benefited from health projects at a cost of more QR28m.

The shelter projects, which included housing units, tents and rents, were implemented at a cost of about QR14m, benefiting more than 108,000 people in India, Palestine, Indonesia, Somalia, and other countries. Qatar Charity also implemented water and sanitation projects, social cohesion and livelihood programmes, and training and capacity building projects, in addition to distributing the basic winter requirements to the needy in a number of countries suffering from cold waves, benefiting more than 178,000 people.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar