68-year-old Omani man walks for over 30 days to join Qatar National Day 


68-year-old Omani traveler Matar bin Fayrouz Al Hosani completed an over 30-day journey on foot to Qatar to partake in Qatar’s National Day celebrations.

Al Hosani began his remarkable trek on October 29 from Wilayat Al-Khaboura in Sultanate of Oman, headed towards Qatar on-foot in a journey that took over 30 days, traversing across the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before reaching Qatar. 

Upon his arrival, Al Hosani stated: “I don’t only represent myself, but I also represent the Omani people from west to east.” 

He conveyed a heartfelt message of unity, saying that he was “carrying a message of peace, love, and respect from the Omani people to our Qatari brothers.”

Al Hosani explained that his journey symbolized more than personal achievement; rather it was a testament to the deep-seated ties between the people of Oman and Qatar.

“I started on October 29 from Al-Khaboura, Oman, heading to Qatar. It is an honor for me to join my Qatari brothers and the people during their celebrations of Qatar National Day,” he told Tamkeen Sports Academy.

Image: TAMKEEN_Acade on X

Al Hosani’s journey, particularly at his age, serves as an inspiration to the younger generation, illustrating the power of determination and belief in oneself. 

“I hope that my journey and my message can motivate the youth to believe in themselves; you can do anything,” Al Hosani emphasized.

Concluding his remarks, Al Hosani said, “age is just a number. I am not yet done; it’s just my start.”

Source: Peninsula

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