A Celebration of Nature and Positive Emotions

Chopard Eau de Parfum

The Maison Chopard presented the new Happy Chopard Eau de Parfum Collection: Felicia Rose and Lemon Dulci, at a Bohemian chic afternoon at Salam showroom at The Gate Mall last Monday, October 29, 2018.

PowerPlay, Felicia Rose and Lemon Dulci are a sensory ode to the joie de vivre inspired by nature’s infinite beauty.

Both fragrances combine a selection of precious natural ingredients and essential oils known to generate uplifting emotions through their scent.
Lemon Dulci delivers an extraordinarily uplifting shot of powerful citrus and leaf energy. Felicia Roses signals light-heartedness and exuberance, filling the heart with optimism and self-love.
Whimsical, light-hearted and adventurous, these creations reveal surprising combinations and a very personal signature, fully inspired by the values of a bohemian generation of young women, sensitive to the new sustainable values of luxury and positive living.

Thus, the new Happy Chopard fragrances unleash a sense of wellbeing that captures the positive spirit of our days: the capacity to look at life through fresh eyes, with a mantra of happiness, health and green living.