Abuissa Holding Talent Recognition Ceremony – 4th Edition


Blue Salon, has been representing and developing international luxury and niche brands, with the most EXCLUSIVE brands in each category for awhile now.

Blue Salon recently celebrated its 4th year of the talent management program. This program attracts a lot of young talent from world over into their various teams.

According to Fawaz Idrissi the Senior Vice President of Abuissa Holding, the graduate trainee program at Abuisa holding is a program that brings young talent from all over the world and wishin the company. They are put through a program which lasts for six to nine months through different departments.

At the end of the program they gain enough experience almost equivalent to that of three years work experience which greatly enhances and accelerates their career development.

The stars graduate in a ceremony and the greatest achievement is that managers are recruited in-house.

Abuisa holding stars will always shine within and outside the organization.

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