Al Bayt Al Romancy


Are you having cravings to try authentic Saudi cuisine? Al Bayt Al Romancy! a Famous Saudi Restaurant AlBayt Al Romancy is now open in Doha to serve you. Currently they have four branches spread across Qatar.

Their menu contains, but not limited to; BBQ, Mandi, Madfoon, Madhbi, Madghut, Haneeth, Hashi and Charcoal. They are serving Goat, Lamb, Camel, Chicken and fresh Fish as well. They also have variety of mouthwatering appetizers, manakesh, cocktails and fresh juices. Madghut Hashi (Camel meat with rice) is a delicacy you must try along with freshly made Kunafa.

Sitting arrangement comprise of private spacious carpeted Majlis, VIP room as well as dining tables. It is a definite pick for Arabic cuisine lovers, that will surely give you unforgettable taste along with pleasant ambiance for a quality timeout with your friends and family.

You can also order online via Talabat, Rafeeq and Snoonu

Location & Contact Details :

Doha Branch (60080092), Sakhama Branch (50055549), Shahaniya Branch (50345566), Maizar Branch (50192211)

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