Al Bidda Park will start charging barbecue rental fee from Sept 1

Come September and you will need to pay a rental fee for using the barbecue facility inside the Al Bida Park.

The park will charge QR50 as a rental fee from Sunday, September 1, 2019, for four hours of use. They have four slots, which visitors can book as per their convenience. The payment must be done through debit or credit cards as they “strictly don’t accept cash”.

To book one of the available time slots you will have to visit the office inside the park and make the payment. On enquiry, we were told that you can also call and reserve your slots. There are plans afoot to set up more offices in different areas to take bookings.

The park visitor needs to present your paid invoice to security on arrival at your designated booked BBQ location to start using the same.

The available booking slots are 6am – 10am, 11am – 3pm, 4pm – 8pm and 9pm – closing time.

For Al Bidda & Al Rumailah areas you can call Park Office on 44287709 and for Wadi Al Sail area call Info Centre on 44287777

The park has also put out some rules and regulations to be followed by the users such as:

Barbeque Station Rules & Reservations

1) The grill must be kept in its original position and not moved to under trees, on the lawns, or near buildings.

2) Please ensure safety by keeping children and pets away from the grill area and never leaving it un-attended.

3) Only the fixed grill can be used. Additional grills are not permitted in the park.

4) Never use accelerants on the grill.

5) Please use only recognised products on this grill such as charcoal starter fluid or a charcoal chimney starter.

6) All litter and food waste must be bagged up and disposed of in a park bin.

7) Please always leave the grill and surrounding preparation areas clean and in the way you would wish to find them.

8) Please dispose of all fully extinguished charcoal and hot fats responsibly.

9) The grill areas must be fully vacated by park closing time.

Source: Peninsula