An occasion of pride to fly Qatar colours in over 160 destinations

CEO of Qatar Airways Akbar al-Baker said that Qatar National Day is an important occasion for the airline’s pride in raising the name and flag of the State of Qatar in the skies of more than 160 destinations around the world.

“The pride, loyalty, and love of the State of Qatar and everyone living on its land has become a cornerstone of Qatar Airways and a cornerstone of the annual celebrations of the National Day,” he told Qatar News Agency (QNA).

He added that the celebration of the National Day is an opportunity to reassure the world that belonging, unity, and solidarity are the attributes of all citizens and residents on the land of the State of Qatar, and that this unique mutual love cements our strength and determination to live with integrity and pride, and stimulates our quest for a better future.

He pointed out that the rich heritage of Qatar and its achievements over the past 100 years are reflected in various aspects of development, strength, planning for the future and the progressive thinking we are living today, as the founder has laid the foundations for the construction of the State of Qatar on December 18, 1878, with the aim of creating a united, independent state with bright future.
He added that the wise vision of the founder has borne fruit as Qatar today is a cohesive and stable country that plays a major role in the international fora. That vision has become an inspiration for future generations to become tomorrow’s leaders, he said, stressing that the new generations are the first pillar on which achievement, the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, were built.

He pointed out that the illegal and unfair siege imposed by neighbouring Gulf states against Qatar in June 2017 aimed to harm the state, and destabilise the security and economic development that it is witnessing. But the determination, dignity, and strength demonstrated by everyone, under the leadership of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, have stopped this unprecedented attack on the sovereignty of Qatar.

He added that Qatar has been working to strengthen its position as an active partner at the regional and international levels, as well as continue to work on the growth of its booming economy and maintaining its focus to achieve its National Vision 2030, pointing that Qatar’s ability to develop various sectors is proof of the stability and strength of the people of Qatar, which has a history of achievements and the ability to overcome challenges and adversities.

Al-Baker added that respect, loyalty and dedication shown by the millions from various nationalities who call Qatar their second homeland are an essential part of the identity of Qatar. He said that Qatar Airways, the national carrier, is making every effort to transport more people from around the world to Qatar to explore its hospitality and unique heritage, looking forward to many new achievements and bringing more visitors from around the world to the country.

Source: Gulf Times Qatar