Ashghal, Q-Post launch 5/6 Interchange postage stamp

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal), in cooperation with Qatar Post, yesterday launched “5/6 Interchange” postage stamp.

The launch event was held at Ashghal headquarters, in the presence of Eng. Mohammed Masoud Al Marri, Infrastructure Affairs Director at Ashghal; and Hamad Mohammed Al Fahida, Chief Operating Officer of Qatar Post; in addition to a number of Ashghal’s directors and mangers and officials from Q post.

Eng. Mohamed Masoud Al Marri, Infrastructure Affairs Director at Ashghal, expressed his delight in launching a unique postage stamp, and commented that Ashghal is an example of adopting innovation and implementing the best.

He also said that the new postage stamp is very special as it represents the image of 5/6 Interchange, the distinctive architectural icon and the Qatari landmark that combines the country’s past, future and the original maritime heritage.

Eng. Mohammed Al Marri also said that the images selected for the new postage stamp included 5/6 Interchange and the arches that symbolize the stability of Qatar and its resilience to the challenges, stressing that Qatar will remain as high as we have entrusted.

On his part, Hamad Mohammed Al Fahida, Chief Operating Officer of Q-Post said, “Q Post always works on documenting such important events for our postal publications. Documenting 5/6 Interchange is very important for us and it has been done in a different and innovative method in the history of postage stamps, using the augmented realty application called Qatar Stamps”.

“This technology is the latest in the world of stamps. On scanning, the stamp turns to a film and the content of stamp elaborates the information,” Hamad Al-Fahida added. The augmented reality application is a revolution in the world of stamps as it makes the postage stamp represent something more than a mere image.

The 5/6 Interchange stamp has several features, including self-adhesiveness that enables easier paste on the postage article. In addition, the stamp works with the augmented Reality Application which is the first in Qatar and the Middle East in general. Technology boosted stamps mark the beginning of presenting postage stamps differently from its traditional form.

The augmented Qatar Stamps App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, and through the scanner provided by the application. The application will capture the image of 5/6 Interchange, and allow the user to watch a short film highlighting the Interchange.

The launch of the stamp carries a message with wider dimensions, and meanings reflected in the fact that Qatar is determined to move ahead towards high ends, and that the postage stamp represents the largest landmark of Qatar, which is 100 meters in height. Thus, 5/6 Interchange was chosen to represent Ashghal achievement in preserving the Qatari identity in form and spirit.

This launch is also supposed to encourage adoption of modern and sophisticated means to present postage stamps, as it will also open new doors for developing stamps that work as per augmented reality app Qatar Stamps.

Source: The Peninsula