Aspire Zone announces timing of Bayern Munich training

Aspire Zone has announced that it will open its doors to Bayern Munich fans to enjoy the club’s training sessions on Aspire Zone stadiums 1 and 2 next Wednesday.

A massive public turnout is expected to show up for the team’s trainings this year after the success of Aspire during the past years in providing a unique public experience which attracted hundreds of football fans from inside and outside the country to watch their favorite stars. Fans had the opportunity to see their favorite stars from few meters, to take photographs and get their signatures.

The first team training session will be held on Wednesday, January 3rd, at 10:30 am, and fans will attend the second training on January 4, at 11:00 pm, while Friday training is scheduled January 5 at 10am , and Saturday and Sunday trainings are scheduled January 6 and 7 at 10 am.

The team will play on Saturday, January 6th a friendly match with Al Ahly Sports Club on stadium No. 5 at 5 pm, while the final training session will be held on Jan 7 at 10:00 am before living Doha.

The winter camp on Aspire Zone has become an important milestone on the team’s agenda during the year as many international clubs put their faith in Aspire Zone Foundation, which has become one of the best destinations for international clubs and teams, while the Foundation seeks to achieve its vision of becoming a reference in global sporting excellence by 2020.

Every year, Aspire Zone’s training sessions attract many football professionals from the Middle East and Asia, where FIFA and AFC have been holding a series of training sessions in this period each year. Bayern Munich made the camp part of their training program both theoretically and practically as 24 international and local coaches came to attend last year winter camp.

Source: The Peninsula