Authorities install 3,300 sensors for public parking management project


 To implement the public parking management project, about 3,300 vehicle parking sensors have been installed in West Bay, Corniche and Central Doha, where parking lots for over 18,000 vehicles are made available. The project will begin immediately after completing the required procedures.

Work is underway to ensure that the smart parking management system in the Smart Qatar Program (TASMU) project addresses all points related to the mechanism of reserving parking, collecting charges for it, controlling violations, and applying penalties following the law and ministerial decisions in this regard.

The completion stages of the project for regulating vehicle parking were announced yesterday in a press conference held at the Ministry of Municipality headquarters.

Addressing the press conference Director of the Technical Office at the Ministry of Municipality Eng Tariq Al Tamimi said about 3,300 parking sensors have been completed in the first stage, with a completion rate of 100%. He said that the work is underway to complete the remaining stages to cover all priority areas.

“In the first stage, 80 signboards have been installed, with a completion rate of 80%, and two parking management systems outside the right-of-way accounting for 20 percent,” said Al Tamimi.

He said that the office worked to restrict public parking to the proposed planning areas in the first phase, in coordination with Ashghal, to approve electronic signboards and parking stickers, and to follow up with TASMU team at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the project contractor to ensure the completion of the installation of the systems Smart parking management according to the contract. 

Al Tamimi explained that the management of vehicle parking in the country aims to achieve a number of positive indicators and contribute to improving the quality of life in cities and residential neighbourhoods.

The most prominent of these positive indicators are reducing congestion in crowded places by organising parking spaces and making optimal use of them.

The project also aims to encourage the use of public transportation to reduce emissions, pollution, and congestion on the roads, increasing traffic safety rates and reducing violations related to incorrect parking.

This will also help in the optimal exploitation of the state’s resources of roads and land and increase the return on investment in infrastructure, which can be invested in development work, supporting the country’s economic growth and fighting the phenomenon of abandoned cars.

Director of the Digital Innovation Department at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Iman Al Kuwari said: “Today, the application of the smart parking service enhanced with the technologies of the Tasmu Central Platform constitutes an important technical step towards enhancing comfort and well-being for all, and to improving traffic and reducing congestion. She said that this service was developed with the aim of improving users’ experience in finding parking spaces easily.

“This service is considered one of the forefronts of modern mobility solutions because it relies on advanced technologies, as it combines the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and easy-to-use interfaces such as artificial intelligence and remote sensing technologies,” said Al Kuwari.

Head of the Doha City Design Team at Ashghal Eng Mohammed Ali Al Marri said that the implementation of infrastructure works for approximately 18,210 vehicle parking lots, in different areas, has been completed.

“Infrastructure services included 1,056 parking spaces inside the right-of-way and 791 outside the right-of-way in West Bay, Qatar Energy District and Corniche, in addition to 1,537 parking spaces inside the right-of-way and 637 outside the right-of-way in central Doha,” said Al Marri. The organization of parking is considered one of the important elements in promoting the Qatar National Vision 2030, the State Parking Master Plan 2022, and the Qatar Transport Master Plan 2050. Law No. (13) of 2021 regarding the regulation of vehicle parking authorizes the Ministry of Municipality to regulate and operate parking lots in the State of Qatar by the concerned municipalities.

Since the issuance of the law, work has been done by the Ministry of Municipality to prepare the legislative tools for the law by the team preparing the legislative tools for the law, which is formed by Ministerial Resolution No. 126/2021.

The team has defined the stages of public parking management in preparation for the start of the phased implementation after the issuance of ministerial decisions for the law.

The first phase of the application was approved in the areas included in the Tasmu smart parking project, which are West Bay, Doha Central, and Corniche due to the readiness of the public parking lots on both sides of the road, implemented by the Public Works Authority.

In coordination with the Public Relations Department, a media campaign is also being implemented to educate the community about the public parking management system and inform the public of the parking reservation mechanism and the violations and penalties associated with it.

Source: Peninsula

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