Awareness drive to protect eyes in summer

DOHA: With soaring temperatures, the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has cautioned people to take extra precaution during the season, especially to protect eyes from exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) and air conditioners.

Harmful UV rays can slowly damage your eyes over time and put at risk for conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and thickening of the white parts of the eyes.

“Although everyone needs to be careful about UV ray exposure, certain individuals need to show extra concern such as children, those work and involve in outdoor sport activities,” said Dr Deena Safwaan Zeedan, Ophthalmologist at HMC, in an awareness video shared by HMC on its social media accounts.

“It’s very important to protect eyes during the summer. Direct exposure to the UV rays without proper protection such as wearing sunglasses could risk the eye and develop complications. UV rays can affect different parts of the eye,” said Dr Zeedan. She also cautioned against direct exposure to air-conditioners. “Air-conditioners are being extensively used in summer. Direct exposure of eyes to air-conditioners in the cars also can harm eyes. It could cause a dry eye,” said Dr Zeedan.

Symptoms of dry eyes could include irritation, redness, discharge, and easily fatigued eyes. Blurred vision may also occur.

Throughout the summer, HMC is creating awareness of keeping safe from the heat during the season.

Dr Zeedan’s video message was published on HMC’s Facebook page. While HMC has published several other information on social media and reminding the public to be safe and healthy during summer.

“During summer it is important not to underestimate the dangers associated with high temperatures,” advises HMC. According to the tips provided, it is important to keep skin hydrated during summer. Things people can do to prevent dehydration include spraying water on the skin, or taking a cold shower. It is also said that applying sunscreen daily is very important to avoid any damage to the skin.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar