Beautiful Pakistan, Amazing Qatar

The Pakistan Professionals Forum presented yet another successful event over this weekend at Ezdan Mall, this time bringing together Qatar and Pakistan in a unique way by exhibiting the beauty, culture and people of both nations in a photography exhibit. The exhibit showcased photographs by a very young and talented Ms. Haya Al Thani who’s photographs show the true essence of how amazing, progressive and resilient Qatar is; Mobeen Ansari a renowned photographer from Pakistan and by a group of Pakistani photo enthusiasts living in Qatar. The theme was simple and yet meaningful, “Beautiful Pakistan, Amazing Qatar”. Photographers captured the amazing sky scrapers and architecture of Qatar under different climatic conditions, inland dunes, serene seas leaving much to our imagination, traditions and local customs, vibrant colours and mixed nationalities that enjoy Qatar as their home away from home.

A large number of families attended the exhibit and were touched by the truly moving and inspirational story of Mobeen Ansari, the young Pakistani photographer who lost his hearing to Meningitis as a baby. He shows the world how perseverance and hard work have led him to become one of the most well loved and highest ranking photographers of Pakistan. He talked about his motivations, experiences and desire to do something for his country and he does this by capturing not only Pakistan’s beauty but also Pakistan’s heros. Mobeen shared his expert advice on the art of photography with photo enthusiasts in his master class and also conducted a successful photo walk at Souk Waqif.

PPFQ is extremely grateful to the Ezdan Mall Management especially Mr. Malik Qaiser and Dr. Saif Ali Al-Hajari , who were the main sponsors of this most successful event and are always partners with PPFQ in promoting Qatar and Pakistan unity. A special thank you to the Friends of Nature team lead by Dr. Saif Al-Hajari.
PPFQ would like to thank the prominent members of our Pakistani community who were present to support the event, Zaoq Restaurant, Ammico and Qalco. A special thanks to the fast growing photography venture, Snappyclicks for being our official photographer and covering the 3 day event in a most professional way.

With this exhibition, PPFQ has been successful in inspiring people to visit Pakistan and promote tourism to see the hidden beauty and different faces of our beloved motherland. As our promise and mission, PPFQ will continue to promote Qatar and Pakistan unity and brotherhood in the years to come.