Beware of mobile radars on these Qatar roads (Thursday, November 16)


The Peninsula

Mobile radars are in place at six spots in Qatar to ensure that no traffic violations occur on the roads.
It is best to drive carefully and under speed limit if you are driving on these Qatar roads today (Thursday, November 16) – Airport Road (100km/hr), Salwa (120km/hr), Al Dafna (80km/hr), Dukhan-Shahaniya (120km/hr), Shamal Highway (120km/hr) and F-Ring Road (100km/hr) – as there are mobile cameras installed on these roads.

These cameras will not only catch speeding drivers but also those overtaking from right side, driving without seat belts and using phone while driving.

Following traffic rules would be in the best interest of not just your health but also the finances as most violators would have realised by now.

Ministry of Interiors warns motorists reminding them that “speed limits are a maximum, not a target.”