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 According to Foodgram, blogging is the art of introducing and sharing the amazing food, and various cuisines available in Qatar including its cultural history and traditions through creative content. Foodgram also shares her experiences from her travels and coffee and shopping runs.

 Food is my deal. However, I like to test the waters with my audience. So, I blog my shopping finds and more every now and then.

 I have always loved food. It’s not about eating anything. I am very adventurous with my food. I love trying out new items and exploring cuisines new to me. The traditions and cultural significance of certain meals fascinate me.


 During the day, I’m a Student Life Specialist developing and coordinating activities and leadership opportunities for students through student council, clubs, volunteer opportunities, and student development events. At night, I’m a total foodie exploring the Doha Food scene on the streets, at night markets, and in various restaurants.

: Creatively Unique Infotainment.

 1) Being consistent with content posting 2) Quality over quantity in every content 3) Unique and creative storyline 4) Reels

 Sharing my experiences to motivate and influence people around me to take a chance with new experiences.


 I love food. When I lived abroad during COVID, there was nothing to do other than get take-out every day. I was at a point where I posted food on my story on a daily basis. I wouldn’t have really started this account if my friend didn’t give me the “if not now, then when” pep talk. So, I took the plunge and started posting pictures on a separate account so that I don’t clutter my personal one. When people started appreciating my content I started creating reels. Now, I’m hooked.

 I am inspired by many bloggers because everyone has their own unique style. My favorite ones have a wide category. Hehe…Favorite Bloggers: @nasdaily @drewbinsky @bruisedpassportFavorite Food Bloggers: @goodfoodtoronto @wheremyfoodat @spoonforkbaconFavorite Qatar Food Bloggers: @triplefqatar @qtrfoodie @bestlifeqatar

 I overthink and criticize each of my posts to the point I get so upset when the engagement of a post is lower than expected. Now, I have taught myself that each content is different. It appeals to the audience differently. So, instead of losing confidence over one post, it’s better to work hard of creating quality content, be consistent in posting, and enjoy the journey of your growth.

 Almost 1.5 years


 The pressure to keep up with the most updated trends and market needs is immense. Especially in Qatar, every day there is a new restaurant opening. So, the goal is to introduce it to your audience as soon as possible.

 Of course. We human beings are adventurous. But, sometimes we need to be encouraged. In the case of food, we all want to eat food that is good, worth the money spent, and yummy. But, the thought of the food is expensive and/or not so yummy holds us back. I try new items I find. But my final decision is dependent on the taste, price, any available offers (MyBook, Urban Point, and Entertainer), the quantity, market saturation of the item and the location.

 Yes. I grew up in Doha. Back then, weekends meant a grocery trip and a bucket of KFC. Now, people seek experiences. It’s usually a trip to the mall, camping, etc, and ending with a fine dining meal. So many people DM me stating we saw your review and checked out this restaurant. We really loved it, etc. When you hear that, you know you are making an impact.

 Yes and No. I have too much going on at work most days, invites almost every day, and other things to do which make posting every day stressful. Blogging is something that I do as a hobby but sometimes the expectations are high and I have a hard time managing my other commitments. Quality content takes time and thinking which I won’t have in a busy schedule which will affect the engagement of my content. I can’t compromise either because my personal commitments are important to me and so is my content. Now, I try to prep a week’s worth of content in one shot or as and when I can so I don’t have to spend too much time editing.


 I love that I get to meet new people, try new things and at the same time, you learn something in your blogging career each time you do an invite (ranging from lighting to angles). P.S. The free stuff and recognition are also huge motivations. Hehe.

: Positive & Communicative blogging style Authenticity Listening to your audience and being responsive to them (their recommendations, comments, concerns)

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