Cameras in school buses to catch safe distance violations

Vehicles not keeping safe distance with school buses will be automatically registered for violation as school buses will be equipped with cameras that will register violations against a vehicles for not keeping proper distance with school buses.

“For the first time in Qatar, a school bus will be exhibited at Darb Al Saai during the 34th traffic week starting this evening. The bus is equipped with camera that can register violation for not keeping safe distance with school buses,” said Major Jabir Muhammad Odhaiba, Assistant Director of Traffic Awareness Department.

About when the department will launch the camera-equipped bus, he said: “Now we are waiting for feedback from other concerned authorities regarding this innovative idea.”

The 34th traffic week will last till March 24, and will be open to the public in two shifts from 8to 12 noon and evening from 4pm to 9pm.

More than 60 entities are participating in the event to take part in awareness programs that will be held as part of the traffic week. Also there will seminars throughout the week to tackle a number of traffic issues such as Qatar’s road safety strategy until 2022, the role of the family in traffic awareness, schools and their role in the dissemination of traffic awareness and traffic information between reality and hope.

Odhaiba said that visitors will offered free driving lessons, installation of heat-proof vehicles, among many other free offers.

He added that there will be pavilions such as traffic village which will provide lectures about traffic rules, driving training and lectures about pedestrian crossings and traffic signals.

The village will also feature competitions for students based on what they have learned in the village and the winners will get gifts. They can also take part in driving simulator training.

The event also includes activities and pavilions of Lekhwiya, a motorcycle circuit, Batabit Qatar, activities of Al Shaqab and special counters of Traffic Licensing Dffairs Department that will introduce licensing procedures, Metrash 2 services and theory and practical tests of driving.

Colonel Muhammad Radi Al Hajiri, Director of Traffic Awareness Department, earlier said that there will be activities in different parts of the country other than Doha under the traffic departments in Shamal, South and Dukhan.

Source: The Peninsula