China’s Ambassador greets community members

Doha: The Ambassador of China to Qatar, Zhou Jian, yesterday, met with a large number of Chinese community members during a reception hosted by the embassy in his honour and to celebrate Eid Al Adha at the InterContinental Hotel Doha.

“Since I started my post as the Chinese Ambassador to Qatar, I have always wanted to meet and chat with you. Today, I am very happy to gather with you at the grand festival of Eid Al Adha,” said Ambassador.

Ambassador addressing the event. Pics: Salim Matramkot/ The Peninsula

“All of you are working diligently in different areas and positions, realising your own dreams of lives while contributing to bilateral relations. The great achievements of China-Qatar relations over the past 30 years could never be realised without your efforts. Here, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy and myself, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you,” he added in his speech on this occasion.

Regarding Qatar and China relations, he pointed out that China and Qatar are more than good friends. “We are virtually good brothers. Although we are apart in distance, we are close in hearts. As early as 1,300 years ago, Chinese merchant ships set sail from Guangzhou, carrying the friendship of the Chinese people, crossing the ocean and bringing porcelain and silk to the Arabian Peninsula, opening up the famous Maritime Silk Road, bonding China and Gulf countries together.”

Source: Peninsula