Cultural Diversity In Qatar

Qatar is the epitome of Cultural diversity in the Middle East region. People from over a 100 nationalities and multiple ethnicities are looking to grasp investment opportunities or tour the countries beautiful beaches and get a firsthand experience of the rich Arab culture which is dear to the native speaker.

 Cultural programs are set with numerous countries, 2019 being Qatar India Cultural year had various renowned Artists and Motivational speakers visiting Doha from India to strengthen the bond between both the countries and so with Russia in 2018 to bolster ties with the nation and celebrate the vibrant complexities of the nation and their people. In Qatar’s 2030 plan they’ve highlighted the importance of Cultural Diversity in providing a sustainable future for Qatar.

  Qatar has been working towards the peaceful coexistence of different religions by setting up the Doha International Center for Interfaith dialogue and has set up numerous events and committees to act as a bridge towards cultural diversity like Cultural Diversity Festival in Katara and the Qatar Committee for the Alliance of civilizations.

Although Cultural diversity is all about having multiple cultures coexisting in a single geographical space, Qatar has outdone itself in preserving its own culture while allowing the global wave of multiculturalism to adapt. Some might say both things go parallel yet act harmoniously in helping the country accommodate Non-Arabs.

From holding European film festival as an attempt to bring cultural diversity of Europe closer to Qatar with at least 10 films in different languages screening in collaboration with Doha film Institute and Museum Of Islamic Art.

“We have a diversity of films, music and languages. We have more of Europe coming to Qatar and Qatar coming to Europe, in every event we engage Qatari counterparts”, said Kempel, who is also local European Union-Chair and EUNIC Chair”, to Qatar International Food Festival 2018 offering endless culinary celebrating cultural diversity Qatar makes never ending attempts keeping the cultural diversity together.