Darb Al Saai returns with hundreds of QND activities


Highlighting the history and authentic heritage of Qatar, Darb Al Saai in Umm Salal opened yesterday with hundreds of cultural events and activities on the occasion of Qatar National Day (QND) 2023 which falls on December 18.

The Ministry of Culture is organising the 9-day event in coordination with its partners from the public and private sectors. Darb Al Saai in an area of 150,000sqm will receive visitors from citizens and expatriates from 3pm to 11pm daily until December 18.

Qatar’s national flag was hoisted at the Flag Squire to mark the opening of Darb Al Saai yesterday followed by a display by military band, horse and camel riders and dhow on wheels.

The Ministry of Culture has prepared a large group of cultural and heritage events, as the main theatre witnesses daily cultural and heritage activity in cultural seminars and poetry evenings.

The Al Adhba, one of the major events at Darb Al Saai provides the opportunity for children to enjoy the experience of riding a camel and learn about desert life in all its various details.

Abdul Rahman Ahmed Al Badi Al Maadheed, head of Al Adhba and Al Muqatar event, said that Al Muqatar holds competitions including riding a camel, as well as playing traditional folk games, in addition to receiving guests in the tent.

Al Bidda event at Darb Al Saai embodies the marine heritage environment and includes the Al Bidda Council, Al Mutawa House, the Popular Café, the Al Nukhadha Al Naham Majlis, Akkas Al Freej, Al Tawash, and other corners that document the Qatari maritime heritage. 

There are traditional folk games, such as tug of war, snatching the sail, repelling it, and cultural competitions, in addition to the presence of a museum specializing in maritime heritage.

This year, many parties are participating, including the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, which displays in its pavilion several wildlife and components of the Qatari environment, which includes different types of plants to introduce them.

Al Shaqab, a member of the Qatar Foundation, also participates in equestrian-related activities highlighting purebred Arabian horses and the importance of equestrianism in Qatar.

Manager of Equine Education Department at Al Shaqab Mohamed Al Khayareen said: “We offer various activities aimed at instilling a love of horses among young generations, as it is an integral part of the ancestral heritage.”

The Visual Art Centre of the Ministry of Culture lined up events and activities including art competitions, ceramic workshop, Liyuan art, Arabic calligraphy workshop, caricature drawing workshop and exhibition on Qatar tradition among many more.

Under the artistic competition, the visitors will get a chance to draw the landmarks of Qatar located on the Darb Al Saai corridor.

In a traditional context, the organising committee provides activities for children, the most important of which is the “children’s track”, which includes outdoor activities such as driving small vehicles, playing football, and participating in other activities.

Source: Peninsula

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