Decline in ATV accidents seen this winter camping season

A project recently launched to enhance the winter camping season has started making a positive impact on number of accidents in the Sealine and Inland sea areas.

Al Enna Project launched by National Tourism Council (NTC) and its partners including the Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Ambulance service has contributed to the decline of all terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents in the dunes, said Brendon Morris, Executive Director, HMC, Ambulance Service.

“It is encouraging to see that we have started seeing a decline in traumatic injuries due to accidents in the Sealine area,” he told The Peninsula. “Since we are at the beginning of the camping season it is difficult to say about the numbers. But proportionately we are able to see some impact,” he added.

Al Enna is a tourism development project that aims to enhance the winter camping experience in Qatar, protect the environment, and ensure public safety.

As part of it Sealine beach area is staffed with security personnel, lifeguards, technicians, and other support staff. Beyond the beach, visitors can rent quad-bikes and ATVs in a 300,000 square meter space designed to provide safe and integrated experiences for biking fans. The area features eight biking tracks catering to riders of different abilities and requirements.

HMC’s Ambulance Service, providing campers with round the clock access to a team of paramedics and well-equipped ambulance vehicles.

“We have 12 vehicles covering the camping season. It increases during the weekend as more people come for camping. We go far inside Inland sea and around Sealine area. We have four helipads for the life flight distributed in the area,” said Ali Darwish, Assistant Executive Director of the Ambulance Service. “The challenge we have in the camping areas is how to reach the patients, once we reach them the service is the same as at any place. That’s why we have special arrangements during the season. The new project and its approach in the area is helping the patients,” he added.

HMC also runs a Sealine Medical Clinic. This is the ninth consecutive year HMC has operated. The clinic operates during the weekends and will remain open until mid-April.

According to reports, At least half of the cases seen at the annual Sealine Medical Center operated are due to trauma. It ranges from minor to major. Some come with severe injures due to SUV and ATV accidents in the dunes.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar