Eid: Most services to be available at PHCC

DOHA: The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) is well prepared to receive patients and most services will be available across health centres during the Eid holidays, according to a senior official.

Majority of health centres within Doha and outside the city will remain open during the holidays. Physicians, the nursing staff, as well as laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and reception staff will be available throughout the holidays. Also health card renewal services will be provided.

However patients are advised to avoid visiting health centres for conditions such as trauma due to road traffic accidents and labour pain, which is a common mistake some people make during holidays, Dr Leena Abdulla, Manager at the Mesaimeer Health Centre, told The Peninsula.

“Health centres are well prepared to receive patients during Eid holidays and to provide the services,” Dr Leena Abdulla, Manager at the Mesaimeer Health Centre, said.

According to Dr Leena, patients with acute and chronic illnesses avail services at the health centres during the Eid holidays mostly, while number of cases with gastroenteritis and food poisoning cases increase.

“The most common acute illnesses seen during Eid holidays are viral gastroenteritis, food poisoning, upper respiratory tract infections and trauma e.g. fracture and cut wounds. Also people with chronic illnesses (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, osteoarthritis) can attend the clinics to get their medications,” she said.

There are also a few common mistakes people make while choosing or visiting health centers during holidays. It includes visiting health centers for chronic illnesses or issues lasting for many years which need continuous assessment, investigations and follow up and can’t be assessed or treated in short visit.

“It is better to visit the health center for chronic problems during normal working days to follow with the same physician in the presence of all team members including dietitian, health educator or maternal care health counselor,” said Dr Leena.

Also some visit health centres for services not available such as severe trauma after road traffic accidents and labor pain.

“Health centres can do their best with the available resources but such cases require different medical care,” she added.

Dr Leena also advice the public to sleep well to avoid side effects of lack of sleep and insomnia, eat clean healthy food to avoid food poisoning and gastrointestinal problems, drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, drive safely and use seatbelts to avoid road traffic accidents, supervise children during activities such as swimming and cycling, avoid long time or direct exposure to the sun and patients with chronic diseases to take their medications according to their physicians’ advice, for a safe and healthy holiday.

Source : The Peninsula Qatar