Empower yourself- who am I as a woman?


Your name or your entitled role is not an answer to who you are. You are much more than someone’s wife or someone’s daughter, you are a living example of someone unbreakable, who writes her own journey and should only be defined by it. That journey that involves struggles, sleepless nights, days multitasking yet mastering the art of balancing life.
You are yours before you are anyone else’s, you are you. You are the passion and ambition that made you who you are today and brought you where you stand today, which is the only way to describe yourself best.

You are a woman!

We spoke to some of the most hardworking and incredibly talented women of Doha this Women’s Day and came to a realisation that as women, as nurturers, as birth givers we often forget who we really are and our identity is not to be defined by how we were sent into this world and how the outside world looks at us, but it is what we really feel within and what we have truly made out of ourselves.

After hearing out these unbelievably strong entrepreneurs, influencers, community leaders, marketing specialists, founders and managing directors has your perception of someone’s daughter or a wife changed?
We feel it’s about time women are known for what they have become and made out of themselves than how they were sent into this world. It’s the journey that defines you!

We’d like to thank the unstoppable women for being a part of this eye-opening video and playing a very important role in helping everyone watching it identify who they truly are.

Special thanks to @zuniraofficial and @akclickks Ameera for this amazing initiative and the concept .

A huge shout-out to @inspiretrainingacademy for the venue @_ummsuhail_