Expatriates praise lifting exit permit system

DOHA: People representing different expatriate communities have expressed their delight over lifting of exit permit system for most of migrant workers.

“This is the reason why Qatar is great and different from rest of the world”, said an expatriate lauding the issuance of new amendments in law pertaining to entry and exit of expatriates.

Welcoming the new changes in the law, expatriates described the move as “a major step for the welfare of workers” being taken by the State of Qatar.

Social networking sites were also abuzz with comments hailing the new law immediately after the news broke by online versions of local dailies.

“Ending exit permit means whenever expatriate workers covered under Labor Law want they can go to their home countries freely which is very important for them,” Professor Mohammed Ramzan Ali Miya, Coordinator of Nepalese Expatriate Community told The Peninsula.

He said that the initiative was part of ongoing efforts of the government on labour reform to safeguard the rights of expatriate workers in the country.

Talking about five percent employees who still require exit permits under new legislation, Miya said: “I believe the provision aims at protecting the rights of the company as those working in important positions should be kept under some safety mechanism.

 “We, the Nepali Community welcomes the initiative as it represents our expectations,” said Miya.

A number of migrant workers The Peninsula talked to termed the new legislation a historic step. They said that the decision would prove very helpful in cases of emergency when workers are required to rush to their homeland.

Asghar Ali, an Indian technician, expressing his happiness at lifting the exit permit system said: “I think the initiative will help avoid what happened with me when I had to reach home urgently to participate in the funeral of my father,” said.

He said that despite all struggle of his sponsor he had missed the funeral because the registration of the company had expired which required personal visit by the sponsor to the service center of Ministry of Interior to get exit permit issued. “I think such incident will not be repeated thanks to the ending of the exit permit,” said Ali.

Social media users also lauded the legislation. “Long live His Highness and Qatar,” wrote Rao Nasir Ali Khan under a post sharing the news of ending exit permit system. “Relax people. They are taking good steps. Instead of complaining or being impatient, be happy and give them time. These are not small changes. We should be grateful to Qatari government,” commented another expat Ali Naqvi on the news.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar