Expo 2023 Doha open to public on October 3: Secretary General


 The International Horticultural Expo 2023 at Al Bidda Park will open to the public from Tuesday, October 3, according to Expo 2023 Secretary-General Mohammed Ali Al Khouri.

Expo goers will be treated to a list of daily events in all of the exhibition’s three zones: the International Zone, the Cultural Zone, and the Family Zone. 

Al Khouri said that the exhibition aims to find innovative solutions to all the challenges and problems that hinder the expansion of green areas.

“We aspire to achieve Qatar’s goals in attaining a high level of self sufficiency and food security,” he told local media.

Schedule of events on October 3:

● International Zone

10am – 8pm: International Pavilions Visit
Venue: International Pavilions

3pm – 9pm: Innovation Café Workshops
Venue: Innovation Centre

● Cultural Zone

3pm – 9pm: Cultural Workshops, Sand Meet 0 – 6, Eco challenge 7-15, Qatari & International Street Games
Venue: Ennat Expo

5:30pm – 6:30pm: Sports in Nature 1
Venue: Ennat Expo

8pm – 9pm: Sports in Nature 2
Venue: Ennat Expo

7pm – 8:15pm: Green Desert, Better Tomorrow
Venue: Cultural Arena

● Family Zone    

3pm – 10 pm: Digital Challenge
Venue: Digital Park

3pm – 10pm: Green Playground, Eco Workshop
Venue: Expo School

4pm-5pm: Turkiye Performance
Venue: Family Amphitheater

Source: Peninsula

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