Expo team visits 154 schools to teach sustainability lessons


 The teams of experts from Expo 2023 Doha visited 154 governmental and private schools as part of an awareness campaign.

The teams presented numerous awareness lectures and activities emphasising the importance of sustainability, plant cultivation, and environmental conservation.

The students learned about sustainability concepts and the ability to preserve resources and the environment for our current generation and those to come during their visits, said Expo 2023 Doha Organising Committee in a post on X platform.

The students also discovered the secrets of gardening, the science of plant cultivation and the beauty of nurturing them in a specific environmental, weather indoor or outdoor.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education the organising committee for the Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha organised school visits to make a number of lectures for students introducing them to the most prominent activities of the exhibition.

This is part of the school participation programme in the Expo, which is considered an important episode of a series of programmes designed to embrace future generations on a journey of inspiring experiences filled with science and the passion for discovery.

In this regard, Expo 2023 Doha Director of programmes management Lolwa Al Mohannadi had earlier said that through the programme dedicated to schools, they seek to cover all Qatar’s schools and reach the largest segment of students, as they are the seeds that will blossom with the values of innovation, inspiration, growth, cooperation, and diversity, which are the values on which the Expo 2023 Doha is built.

Meanwhile, in collaboration with municipalities, the Expo 2023 Doha committee also organised a series of school visits, offering students an informative educational experience into Expo 2023 Doha zones and exhibitions along with its myriad of activities.

The awareness campaigns were launched on September 28, targeting both private and government schools, with the aim of acquainting them with the themes and objectives of Expo 2023 Doha, as well as inspiring the students and encouraging them to be a part of this international event.

The Expo awareness team has delivered several educational lectures to students in 31 schools, covering all educational stages. Additionally, municipalities played a supportive role in raising student awareness, covering 36 schools nationwide.

Once launched, the awareness campaigns received extensive engagement from students, who expressed great enthusiasm for discovery and learning, as well as a strong inclination to participate in tree planting and afforestation efforts, thereby embodying the essence of Expo 2023 Doha’s “Green Desert, Better Environment.”

Source: Peninsula

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