Field exercises of Watan Exercise 2023 continue for second day


The Ministry of Interior stated Tuesday that the concerned authorities have continued conducting the field exercises of the Watan Exercise 2023 for the second day in a row, with the participation of more than 30 military and civil agencies, with the aim of confirming readiness, cooperation, coordination and integration of roles when dealing with events in normal and emergency situations or during events and conferences hosted by country.

Indicators of the field exercises of the Watan Exercise 2023 showed the level of readiness, efficiency and high capability of the participating entities, and the complete readiness to deal with all dilemmas.

The field exercises on the first and second days of the Watan Exercise 2023 also demonstrated excellence in the rapid response to various events, by activating the mechanism of command, control and joint cooperation, which contributes to achieving integration of roles and implementing the required tasks as quickly as possible.

The second day of the field exercises included scenarios dealing with events and situations based on all types of potential risks and challenges.

The Exercise Organizing Committee was keen to coordinate and select sites in a way that did not affect the course of the publics daily life. After the end of the field exercise, the positives will be identified and reinforced, and the procedures and communication mechanism between all concerned parties will be improved as one of the objectives of the exercise outcomes. 

Source: Peninsula

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