First phase of 7km family beach opens at Sumaisma

The Private Engineering Office opens the first phase of Sumaisma Beach for families today morning, reported Al-Sharq Newspaper.

The first phase includes building of washrooms and shower room, as well as many canopies over a large area so that families can sit and enjoy in the shade. A part of the beach has been marked specifically for women.

Jassim Al-Kaabi, the official in charge of the beach, told Al Sharq Newspaper “that the private engineering office has implemented a project for the allocation of the beach to the families within the framework of the plan to rehabilitate the beaches in the country, adding that it was allocation of a special part for women on the beach to be able to enjoy with comfort.” He pointed out that the beach extends for 7km with a separate gate for women which is constantly monitored to prevent any male from entering.

He added “that Sumaisma Beach is very clean and its location between Doha and the northern regions is an advantage. The second phase of the beach will be opened soon, and this phase includes the opening of restaurants and cafeterias to serve visitors, as well as a school to teach horseback riding, which will make the place more diverse. Also there is a plan to further develop recreational services for the public, in line with plans to increase the number of tourist facilities.”

Source: The Peninsula