First Teddy Bear Mini Hospital in DHFC

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Amazing Success During the First Week of Qatar’s First Teddy Bear Mini Hospital in Doha Festival City Children Can Still Bring their Teddy Bears for a Unique Medical Educational and Interactive Experience

Doha, Qatar – March 20, 2019: Doha Festival City, Qatar’s preferred destination for shopping, entertainment, and dining, continues to welcome children at the Mini Teddy Bear Hospital to help them learn about healthcare in a fun and innovative way. Parents can still bring their children along with their teddy bears till Saturday, 30 March 2019, anytime between 10am-8pm, to visit the hospital and take care of their fuzzy buddy’s health! The Mini Teddy Bear Hospital is set up at Doha Festival City Mall Centre Court on the ground floor.

Sponsored by Baladna, Toys R Us, IKEA, Mustela, Kulud Pharmacy, Carter’s and The Hamilton International School (THIS), the Teddy Bear Mini Hospital at Festival City has witnessed a huge turnout and success during the first week, creating a fun and educational experience for children to help them overcome their fear of doctors and health checkups, by simulating the process of visiting a hospital or a medical centre. The hospital is also run with the help of members of Qatar Volunteers.

Children can take their toy companions through a medical screening, followed by a visit to nine different stations that include a waiting room, a nutrition consultant station, a surgery room, a dentist and ophthalmologist clinics, as well as a pharmacy.

At the end, children will enjoy various giveaways from Mustela and Baladna, while Doha Festival City’s Kids Club members get to enjoy fast track access.

Doha Festival City is home to more than 50  brands for children, including popular names such as Mamas & Papas, Mothercare, Riva Kids, Sacoor Kids and The Children’s Place, as well as  debuting ones such as Mayoral, Kidliz, Cool Club, Idexe, Ziddy Kids, Petit Beteau and Little Milano.

May Marzooq, Senior Marketing Manager, says: “The Teddy Bear Mini Hospital is an amazing success and we look forward to welcoming more children during the weekend and the upcoming week. We strive to create memorable moments for all of our visitors and that includes our little ones. We would like to sincerely thank all of our sponsors and partners for supporting this special event.”

For more information, please visit www.dohafestivalcity.com.


Date: 17 – 30 March 2019

Time: 10am – 8pm