Fog and mist across Qatar causes low visibility


Continuation of misty to foggy weather conditions in most areas is causing low horizontal visibility, stated Qatar Meteorology Department on social media, adding that the visibility was less than 2km in some parts of the country. 

Pic by Mysha Abdul Basit

The department also stated that the lowest temperature for this morning was recorded in Abu Samra at 12 degree Celsius, while in Doha it touched 20 degree Celsius. 

Meanwhile in its weather report for the day, it predicted that it will be misty to foggy at first and will see mild weather daytime with some clouds and relatively cold to cold by night, adding that the northwesterly wind will be light in speed. 

Picture of early morning traffic near Pearl Qatar 

Furthermore, in a short video for motorists, the department explained the science behind fog formation and listed safety tips for driving in such condition. 

The tips it shared for safe driving are as follows: 

– use fog lights and low beams 
– don’t use emergency lights and high beams 
– stick to the lane you are driving in 
– avoid overtaking and changing lanes 
– be alert and listen for any hazards that may be ahead
– use your defroster and wipers to maximize vision
– slow down your vehicle and drive at a speed that suits the conditions 
– allow more distance between vehicles.

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