Free Things to Do In Doha

Are you saving up or you’re on a budget? Afraid to spend a little too much this is why you refrain stepping out of the house?
NO WORRIES! We’ve got your wallet all saved up for you.
Let us guide you through free things to do in Qatar that will let you experience Doha costing you a great time and a picture gallery filled with treasurable captures only.

If you want to get familiar with the culture and people of Qatar, take a stroll around Souq Waqif, you just don’t get to hang out and pass the time but feed your soul with an experience like never before, witnessing people belonging from every part of the world as Souq Waqif is a hub of tourism and an attraction for all the visitors, it welcomes diversity and has something to offer for every culture. From exhibiting what’s new till a mandatory parade or a show takes place every evening for free, with never ending restaurants varying of different rates that would suit your pocket.

Located at Doha’s port, witness the traditional artifacts at the Museum of Islamic Art, the museum preserves a collection of objects, artifacts and artwork from the Islamic world.
Designed by the well-known designer I.M Pei, the museum represents Islamic art and culture from the ancient times and mainly treasured masterpieces from all over Middle East and some parts of South Asia.
Once you’re done exploring the museum you can relax at the park right beside the museum and enjoy the view of humongous skyscrapers.

Shopping Malls are a soul to Doha and an essential part to the lives of residents in Doha, out of all the malls, Villagio is always under the spot light because of its unique infrastructure. The Mall is designed on the theme of Venice giving you Italian vibes, the mall is beyond replicating the stunning Italian design as an artificial cannel within the Mall with a gondola ride brings the Venetian feels to life.

If you want to stay in an awe and amaze yourself then set yourself to get familiar with the beauty of Pearl Qatar, known for its class and Arabian Riviera, this glorious man-made Island is spread in almost four million square meters. Located on the north side of Doha Bay, built on one of major pearl diving sites, hence the name.
Who wouldn’t love to take a walk around marina, look at those million dollar yachts, villas inside gated community and high end stores?

With small heritage centers, museums, opera house, amphitheater and art gallery Katara Cultural Village is spread over 1,000,000 square meters. The perfect destination to spend some time at with your friends and capture traditional architect of Qatari Culture.
10-15 minutes’ drive by Taxi from City Centre, Katara Cultural Village is located between West Bay and Pearl.

If you want to lose yourself admiring the unbelievable skyscrapers praising the advancement of Doha, Al Corniche is the perfect spot for it. The unparalleled view of the skyline of Doha, with palm trees surrounding the view, Al-Corniche is a place on fleek for you to soak the atmosphere with the sound of waves adding up to the view and the breeze going through your hair, an ideal location to have your mini picnic and have the perfect family time in a safe environment.

These are some of the most preferred locations to hang out if you’re on a budget in Doha.
The city being unimaginably beautiful is priceless to be admired.

We’d love to have your feedback on which location out of this article you enjoyed being at the most.