Free Wi-Fi at 92 public parks soon

To increase entertainment facilities for visitors at public parks, the Public Parks Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment plans to offer free Wi-Fi at all the parks this year, a senior official at the department said.

“The department has already opened 92 public parks and is gearing up to offer Internet facility in all these parks in 2018. We also plan to install cameras in all the parks,” Mohammed Ali Al Khori, Director of Public Parks told The Peninsula.
The Rawdat Al Faras zoo is also set to open and more animals with some new species will soon be brought in to the Al Khor Park.

Replying to a question about establishment of new parks, he said: “The total number of public parks until now is 92 among them 11 were opened last year like Al Mamoura, Mohamed bin Jassim Park in Umm Salal Mohammed, Al Thumama”.

Majority of the parks, 38 in total, are located in Doha, followed by Al Rayyan area which has 20 parks, while Ash-Shahaniyah has just three parks, he informed.

The advantages of the new public parks compared to old ones is that the new ones have fitness equipment, fountains, decorated garbage can, sunshades, fence, LED lights, football and basketball stadiums to meet international specifications, Al Khori said.

Regarding energy-saving, he said, “the department focuses on the use of the modern irrigation system to save water consumption in addition to energy-saving as LED lights have replaced the traditional ones.

The new irrigation system approved by the Department of Public Parks at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has achieved a big success in reducing water consumption for irrigation. It saves 50 percent of water and helps in keeping the plants healthy and green while ensuring good level of growth.

Now, less water is consumed for watering, plants for example the palm was taking 120 litre of water per day, now it takes only 45 litter per day. The trees were taking 80 litre of water per day but now they take 25 litre while the seasonal flowers were taking 10 litre and now they take six litre of water per day.

Among the department’s plans this year to diversify and add new kind of games at play areas in the parks that will helpful for all categories.

It also plans to achieve self-sufficiency in seedlings through developing seed farms which will provide seedlings to the parks. Al Khori noted: “Last year we produced and distributed about three million of seasonal flowers, trees, and seedlings”.

To increase greenery, the department will plant new local types of plants that can survive in the high temperature. The department has planted about 41,000 environmental and wild trees in the last five years. The priority of establishing new parks depends on areas which have other facilities and services but lack public parks, Al Khori said. It is part of plan and strategy to increase the number of public parks and renovate the existing ones so that more green area could be made available to visit and enjoy.

Source: The Peninsula