Future 318 holds forum on gender gap, feminism

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Globally, women are making huge strides, innovators and wage-earners. Which makes it very evident that women are capable of anything and everything they had been belittled or looked down upon for, especially.

On the 23rd of March HE Ambassador of Argentina, Carlos Hernandez visited Qatar along with his wife Mrs.Noelia Paola Romero, a human rights lawyer, reflected light upon the fact that why gender equality and the empowerment of women in every corner of the world is critical for a bright, stable future.

The event was organized by Future 318, revolving around the topic of Feminism and Gender gap, which happened to be an in-formal debate where everyone was free to express and exchange their thoughts.

The Forum 2019 made us realize how we can transform this world into a much better place by bringing both the genders together.

“If we closed the  gap in workforce participation between women and men around the world, GDP would grow nearly 12 percent by 2030”. Hillary Clinton,former US Secretary of States
 which indeed makes us pause for a while and think hard about what’s stopping us from letting both the genders make an impact and live shoulder to shoulder.

With opening speech done by Mrs.Noelia Paola Romero, the event had Zunaira Malik and Kristy Walker as the moderators, Women’s Sports Committee’s president participated in The Forum,Madam Lolwa Almarri, one of the speakers of this edition spoke about the issues women still have to face in today’s world.

The first panel had Ahmed Shaheen, Ayman Ali Al Raheed, Amira Shohdi, Ifath Sayed carrying out a healthy debate over Feminism and discussing why it’s so important especially in today’s competitive world to have knowledge of Feminism and it’s Sub-topics.

“We will continue to deliver events that make a difference and that engender change. We want to achieve transparency and open dialogue between both genders as it is essential on how we can move forward as a society, said Conchita Ponce, Founder of Future 318.

The second panel had an in-depth discussion over closing the gender gap which involved Lolwa Almarri, Shifa Obaid, HE Ambassador of Argentina, Carlos Hernandaz, HE Ambassador of  Spain Maria Belen Al Faro Hernandaz, Rochelle Zonnerberg, Jaffery Asseltine.

The second session had Ambassador of Spain and Ambassador of  Argentina among the panelist for closing gender gap.

Ambassador of Argentina to Qatar Carlos Hernandez said “I’m proud to be a speaker at the Forum 2019 next to just some determined and powerful Qatari women, of the many that I’ve been working with since the day I arrived.

“The idea of bringing both genders together to discuss certain issues faced by women today, is something that as Ambassador of a country like Argentina, which takes gender equality and women empowerment seriously, couldn’t resist.

“I also want to be an example to other men out there to get involved and become part of the solution, not simply spectators, taking accountability for actions, figuring together, both men and women, what should we all do to develop ourselves in accordance to human rights”

The event was organised  by Turkish Airlines and Future 318 (Faisal Al Suwaidi for Events) in partnership with Shangri-la Hotel Doha. As the most reached out social platform in Qatar,Team WHATS UP DOHA is more than proud and humbled to share some service as a digital partner and be a part of an agenda as beautiful and much needed as this.