Get your vehicle inspection (Fahas) within 5 minutes

Doha: The General Directorate of Traffic is preparing to open Al Mazroua Station (Fahes) soon which will be the largest technical inspection station in the country, said a senior officer at the General Directorate of Traffic.

“The station will be opened soon this year but we can not announce the exact time. The station will provide technical inspection for both heavy and light vehicles and will have 16 inspection lines which would mainly serve trucks and heavy vehicles, therefore, they will no longer be required to enter Doha or Al Wakra for inspection purpose,” he said.

The official added: “We will open a station in Mawater City for both heavy and light vehicles.

“The inauguration of the new technical inspection centres come within the framework of the Ministry of Interior’s directives to decentralise and provide services to citizens and residents in their locations.

The official said that a VIP service will also be announced soon at Fahes stations, through which anyone can get inspection of their vehicles done within five minutes.

“In the first three months of last year, the department seized 5875 vehicles escaping from technical inspection. The investigation showed that vehicle registration (istimara) of some of those vehicles had expired and some of the vehicles had not visited Fahes for a longer period of time etc.,” he added.

Source: The Peninsula