Guidelines issued to raise awareness of Qatari laws

The Legal and Judicial Studies Center at the Ministry of Justice has issued a series of guidelines to raise awareness and introduce the new Qatari laws that are directly relevant to the public.

The Ministry of Justice said in a statement yesterday that the manuals come in the framework of the initiative launched by Minister of Justice HE Dr. Hassan Lahdan Saqr Al Muhannadi under the title “Explanation of Qatari Legislation” aiming at enriching the Qatari legal library with explanations of the laws that would benefit law professionals and researchers as well as those interested in this field.

In this context, the Ministry’s Legal and Judicial Studies Center has prepared a series of legal explanations to support the legal system in the State and to contribute to the promotion of national development by introducing these laws locally and externally, thus indicating the advanced level achieved by the State of Qatar in the field of establishing legal work and encouraging the economic and investment openness, the statement added.

Among the legal guidelines issued by the Center is the legal guide related to the settlement of labor disputes which highlights the State of Qatar’s bright record in the field of labor rights at the international level, and its great attention to the affairs of expatriate workers and keenness on protecting their rights.

The Qatari legislator established the “Labor Disputes Settlement Committee” which deals with the adjudication of all individual disputes arising from the application of the provisions of the Labor Law or the labor contract.

The guide to the settlement of labor disputes highlights the important role of this Committee which reflects the State of Qatar’s keenness on the protection of labor rights and simplifying the procedures of litigation in labor disputes.

Source: The Peninsula Newspaper