Harvey Nichols Doha And Bvlgari Exclusive Pre Launch Of Le Gemme Trilogy

6th March 2019, Doha: Luxury department store Harvey Nichols Doha and BVLGARI exclusively pre-launch  Le Gemme new Masculine Trilogy, the latest Bvlgari High Perfumery Collection for men.

“Men have used musks since the dawn of time. They were essential components in the first fragrances, created to allow early man to communicate with the gods.

The inspiration for this new trilogy comes from the color of the stones, and the stones themselves. When I see the color of Opal, I immediately think of musk. The musks accords that I used here are pure and crystalline musks for Opalon, opulent musks for Falkar, and powdery wood musks for Yasep.

Musks are in Bvlgari’s DNA – they provide an element of sensuality and cleanliness mixed with fresh inflections. Yet they produce very different feelings on your skin. They can be very clean or very sensual, or even both, but not at the same moment. And they help reveal the beauty of other ingredients. It’s like in a painting, to see the colors you need a background. A black background, for example, to see the light. For perfumes it is the same, and this is the way I use musks. The difference is that for BVLGARI I’m using musk as a major ingredient. The background becomes the principal emotional actor.”

Jacques Cavallier, Master Perfumer

One of the most enduring ingredients in the ancient art of perfume-making, musks are dynamic and multi-layered, shifting between sensual and clean, and bridging the space between masculinity and femininity. Many sources of musk are found in nature — and it was the uncovering of those natural elements that inspired the new trilogy from Bvlgari and Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier.

In so many ways, musks are a perfect fit for Bvlgari. They mirror the duality of sensuality and freshness that is at the heart of the Roman Jeweller’s distinctive style. Often, musks are used as a sort of background, to set a tone that is then punctuated by other ingredients and notes. In this latest Bvlgari Le Gemme trilogy, however, musk is the principal actor, used to articulate a fascinating range of emotion and artistry.

The Trilogy

Opalon – The White Opal

“Opalon is the most Italian fragrance within this collection, with its comfortable, reassuring expression. It conjures the light of a summer morning in Rome. The light is fundamental. “

 Jacques Cavallier

 Opalon is inspired by the Australian white opal, a stone known for its lustre, and a symbol of purity, wisdom and fortune that once adorned the crowns of kings and emperors.

Born of the sea, white opal first appeared in Australia when the oceans parted some 150 million years ago, an earthbound rainbow shimmering in the sandstone caves that emerged from the water.

For the Aborigines, the opal conjured a world of dreams. For the ancient Greeks, opal was created by Zeus’ tears of joy upon defeating the Titans. In Roman antiquity, the opal was a bearer of good fortune and associated with Cupid, the god of love.

To master perfumer Jacques Cavallier, Opalon is the scent of a summer morning in Rome, with the light shining on its squares and fountains, the whole city imbued with the freshness of the day.

The fragrance opens with Neroli and ginger top notes, bright and delicate, light and fresh. As it blooms, it reveals a heart of Indian lemongrass and geranium, an Eastern-influenced blend with a touch of citrus and fascinating depth. Its base notes layer white musk and deep ambergris accords. A prized ingredient since the 13th century, grey amber first arrived in Italy on ancient trade routes, journeying from India to the Far East, Constantinople and then Venice.

A modern balance of lightness and depth, Opalon is assertive, assured, as easy and effortless as a new day — and just as rich with possibility.

 Olfactory Family: Citrus White Musk

Signature Ingredients: White Musk – Neroli – Ambergris

Top Notes:




Heart Notes:

Indian Lemongrass


Base Notes:

White Musk accord

Ambergris accord

Yasep – Red Jasper

 “Sandalwood oil is like the stones, something eternal from the earth. We take the beauty of nature, put it in a bottle, and offer it to our clients. Yasep’s personality is very noble and distinctive; it transports you to another world. It is also demonstrative of the beautiful artistry of perfumery: you put culture in a bottle, on a journey around the world, just as Bvlgari does with stones.”


                                                      Jacques Cavallier


Called Yasep after its Persian name yašp, this fragrance is inspired by the blood-red jasper. A favourite through antiquity, this vibrant stone was associated with the sensuality of the Roman god Mars and symbolised blood and vitality for the Ancient Egyptians.

Said to be an aphrodisiac, jasper hums with physical strength, stamina and endurance — a dynamic stone with a distinctly masculine energy.

With its noble origins, Yasep is an expression of culture transformed into a fragrance. At its center is a soul of creamy sandalwood, whose warmth and strength exude an eternality that feels as essential as the elements. A nourishing wood originally found in India, sandalwood is one of the most traditional and expensive ingredients in perfumery. Equal parts milky and woody, it carries a lot of emotion. Here, it is combined with cedarwood and grounded with base notes of amyris and vetiver.

Full of fire, Yasep is disruptive and daring, with woody musky accord gathering around a core of pure incandescent heat. The slow burn of its sandalwood and musk are electrified with a single shock of spicy Sichuan pepper and a flicker of brightness from Sicilian mandarin

When Jacques Cavallier set out to translate the fiery heart of jasper into a scent, he knew it had to have a burst of heat to express the true nature of red jasper. And he found that spark in the Sichuan pepper. It is the dialogue between rich sandalwood and the pepper that makes this scent so intriguing and utterly unique.

Olfactory Family: Oriental Musk

Signature Ingredients: Woody Musk – Sandalwood – Sichuan Pepper

Top Notes:

Sichuan Pepper

Sicilian Mandarin

Heart Notes:



Base Notes:

Woody Musks accord



Falkar – Falcon’s Eye

A dream of the Middle East, a new expression of masculine sensuality. A torrid sensation, a lighter depth dressed with saffron, musks, and oud. “


                                                      Jacques Cavallier

Falkar draws its power from the majestic falcon. It channels the opulence of the Middle East.

Falkar is a sensual expression of masculinity with notes of leather, wood and incense.

It is a scent with a distinct signature and leaves a rich sillage.

Olfactory Family: Woody Black Musk

Signature Ingredients: Black Musk – Leather – Agarwood

Top Notes:



Heart Notes:


Incense Tears

Base Notes:


Leather Saffron Accord

Black Musk

The Bottle

Created in collaboration with Atelier Oï, the bottle for the Bvlgari Le Gemme men’s fragrances collection was inspired by majestic obelisks. A charismatic symbol of travel, this Roman structure was traditionally used as a marker to guide merchants on their journeys to and from the Eternal City. Given its association with the Gems Road and the precious ingredients that travelled that path centuries ago, it is the perfect motif for the latest Bvlgari Le Gemme masculine fragrances.

The bottle is adorned with reproductions of the gemstones White Opal, Red Jasper and Falcon’s Eye. These three are among the most masculine of all the gems, and can be found on jewellery, amulets and weapons since prehistoric times —making them superb touchstones for Bvlgari’s latest expression of modern masculinity.

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