Heya Exhibition 14th Edition

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#tbt one of the most empowering talk I had at #heya14 with such an incredible panel of ladies working professionally in their own respective fields.

The topic we discussed was about the trending effects of social media and I honestly can talk for hours on such topic.

Keeping all the positive affects aside(that we all are well aware of) . I stressed more on the responsibility that every individual carries with it.
I personally would like to suggest and request the Ministry of education here @qatar_edu to have a special guidance for teenager and kids especially on this topic whether by means of workshops or to even have a seperate subject in there school curriculum as “Responsible Use Of Social Media”.
We had Dr. Syeda Lead psychiatrist outpatient at Sidra medical centre amongst us who discussed few of the cases that she currently is dealing with, majority of them are isolation, anxieties and CyberBullying also the impact of it on children now a days. She completely agreed with every single point I raised. .

Similarly being a parent we should also educate our kids within home and teach them how to minimize its use. How to keep urself #stress free, #anxiety free and #depression free.? My greatest worry is that our generation is losing on alot of beautiful things around them because of this social media era.