HMC launches 60 ambulances to serve areas outside Doha

The Ambulance Service at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has introduced 60 new ambulances for its emergency services outside Doha.

“These ambulances are specially designed for these areas and are wider than the existing ones,” revealed Brendon David Morris, executive director, Ambulance Service, HMC.
The new ambulances have more space in the back that allows carrying up to two patients if needed in an emergency situation. They will be launched in phases and replace all the existing ones with the new fleet in the coming months.

“Of course, our standard approach is always to transfer one patient per ambulance. But there could be road traffic accidents or some other situation involving more than one person. So, now we have the ability to transport two patients in one ambulance. The vehicles also have several safety features to make sure that it is safe for the people inside. It keeps the people safe when we are responding in high speed in the rural areas,” explained Morris.

“We need to train staff on the details and practical aspects of the new vehicles. We will also make sure that each vehicle is fixed with the Ministry of Interior communication equipment so that there is regular communication with the National Command Centre. We also have a number of medical equipment including ECG machines to send medical condition of the patient to the hospitals so that they can know the conditions of the patient we are coming with,” continued Morris

“It is indeed an improvement but it’s a replacement of a fleet that has served us very well. We are replacing 45 ambulances that we have had for the areas outside Doha,” Morris stated.
According to the official, HMC also uses Life Flight service for areas outside Doha. “The two helicopters operate 24 hours with the support of the Qatari Air Force. These helicopters allow us to transport the more critical care paramedics out into the rural areas when there is a serious situation. These ambulances are always ready and are covering the whole of Qatar,” he described.

Morris also said that the Emergency Vehicle Pre-Emption System has helped the ambulance service a lot and Ashghal has made a commitment that all the ambulances in the city will be able to have this system over the coming months.

“We are doing it gradually because there is a registration process. We need to make sure it does not upset the whole traffic flow. It is a well controlled and well advanced system.
“When the lights and sirens are on and ambulance is moving towards the traffic lights, the traffic lights recognise it and opens the signal. It is very advanced,” Morris added.

Source: Gulf Times