HMC to launch 20 ICU ambulances soon

Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Ambulance Service will soon launch 20 new ICU ambulances to transport patients between its facilities across the country.

“The inter-facility ambulances, which are expected to arrive in Qatar within a month, are an integral part of a very large health organisation,” Ambulance Service executive director Brendon Morris said on Monday.

“Currently HMC is expanding its services with new facilities being opened across the country. In this scenario, we need more inter-facility ambulances,” he explained on the sidelines of the relaunch of the ‘Know the 5 to save a life’ national awareness campaign.

“They are called ICU ambulances because the patients are treated with extreme care as in the case of a medical intensive care unit. They will be launched after training the staff,” continued Morris.

According to the official, the number of calls that the Ambulance Service receives, has gone up dramatically. “In 2013, we had 132,000 calls whereas in 2017 we had almost double the number of calls at 250,000. In the first four months of 2018 we had almost 80% increase in the number of calls which suggests that the awareness about the ambulance service has gone up in the country. We have relaunched the campaign as the population keeps increasing and several new people are coming to the country,” added Morris.

Source: The Peninsula