Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Doha organises blood donation drive

Doha: Embracing the company’s value in contributing to the economy, social and environmental well-being of the community, Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Doha organised ‘Give Blood Give Life’, blood donation drive for its employees and guests on June 30.

The event, being held twice a year  to support the local blood bank, is an  initiative aimed to create awareness of blood donation to the community and to contribute to the national blood reserves in a regular basis. As a way to show concern towards others, Holiday Villa Hotel management has worked together with Hamad Medical Corporation Doha to host this half yearly event at the hotel. The blood donation was the company’s way of showing love and concern to one another as a drop of blood means the world to others who were in desperate need.

“We are proud of our employees and guests who spearheaded this initiative and would like to thank all those who stepped forward enthusiastically donating their blood to the society. A special thanks also goes to Hamad Medical Corporation staff and official for their invaluable support in organizing this campaign”, said the hotel Regional General Manager Joey Chen.

Source: Peninsula