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The magic of fragrance

The power of scent




Is this the preface of a beauty manifesto?

Or simply the magnetic words of a mantra that goes straight to the essential to say that fragrance is the most hard-hitting of all legal substances, with the power to kindle almost all the senses and overturn the laws of attraction in a matter of seconds…

Ignoring perfuming antics and the obsession to please at any cost, the Initio brand decided to go back to the instinctive basics of fragrance, to its magical and sacred dimension, in order to reinvent perfumery with a signature, perfumery with irresistible charisma. Beautiful, tenacious perfumery filled with opulence. Perfumery that gets under your skin, overflowing with emotion.

Suddenly, once again, fragrance becomes what it should have remained all along. A delight for those in the know, a sort of protective talisman capable of anything when it becomes one with the scent of the skin: “lighting up” the imagination, warding off bad luck, accentuating desire and enveloping the woman or man who wears it in a safe bubble or an aura of positive energy.

At first, INITIO PARFUMS PRIVES launched 2 collections:


Narcotic scents that smell like sin

Blessed Baraka

A solar fragrance endowed with a sacred strength to provoke the hand of fate. A captivating blend of Musk, Sandalwood and Amber. An intangible energy surrounds the wearer. Its effect oscillates between pure power and pure addition.

Mystic Experience

A heady and distinguished combination of musk and coffee, this fragrance captivates the senses, unsettling all around you. A fragrance for the initiated on a quest for transcendent experiences.

Divine Attraction

Leather and Vetiver blend beauty, strength and the supernatural within an accord that loves to provoke. The fragrance that feeds fantasies.

Absolute Aphrodisiac

The softness of vanilla, intimately intertwined with the animal potency of musk and castoreum. A powerful fragrance that obsessively reminds you of the other. A truly aphrodisiac essence.

Addictive Vibration, a fragrance that stirs up trouble

Addictive Vibration, an object of desire composed by four hands (and two noses) by perfumers Maurice Roucel and Pierre-Constantin Guéros.

The olfactory structure? A seemingly prim preface, nice as you please, that swirls together apple tree petals and orange blossoms, before suddenly sinking into the carnal, narcotic sensuality of a jasmine-tuberose-orchid “white flower” accord. The trip ends on the provocative waves of Madagascar vanilla pod infused with syrupy honey, along with voluptuous tonka bean and languid musk, for a warm skin sensation.

From surprise to fascination and from fascination to enchantment, Addictive Vibration is a brilliant and intriguing composition with the rare ability to lead you by the tip of your nose and hit you right in the heart.



Magnetic Blend 1

Magnetic, bestial, deeply erotic… All the power of natural ambregris in a molecule with pheromone effects.

Magnetic Blend 7

The sheer mystery of a molecule infused with the pheromone power of animal musk. It fuses with skin, revealing its inner nature. Like fire under ice, its sweet violence builds to a devastating crescendo.

Severely sensual it turns to s…..


Magnetic Blend 8

A noble, commanding fragrance. Its natural accents amplify the molecule’s pheromonal strength. In a blend of carnal potency and supernatural vibrations, Musk and Frankincense confers a magnetic presence.

Initio opens a new chapter, the story goes on with Carnal Blends


Led by the nose…

For decades, scientists refused to countenance the idea that certain fragrances could trigger the release of sex hormones.

And then a team of researchers at Bochum University in Germany recently proved that certain fragrances, containing certain key compounds, possess the power to activate regions of the brain linked to libido.

Such is the history behind Carnal Blends, the brand new collection from Initio that dares to engage with fantasy-fuelling ingredients, carnal notes, committed, powerful and distinctive couplings, and celebrates transgressive fragrance compositions with the power to awaken pleasure, to stir physical attraction.

The Carnal Blends collection is made up of two uncompromising fragrances, both rich in hedione (methyl dihydrojasmonate) – named from the Greek word “hedone” meaning pleasure – a floral compound to be found in the heart notes of jasmine and magnolia and that brings great airiness and light to a composition.

But that’s not all it does…

Studies conducted by a German research team found proof that hedione activates a region of the brain responsible for pleasure and heightened libido.

Our sense of smell, numbed by the assault of so many asexual, proper, chaste and innocuous scents, and our instincts, repressed by so many “thou shalt nots”, will be overwhelmed by these bombs that speak so clearly to our intimate animality.

Carnal blends

The empire of the senses

HIGH FREQUENCY (haute fréquence)

The combination of magnolia and almond, overtly so innocent yet truly sexy, takes you by surprise. Its effect is like a sound wave that starts off gently and then powers up the decibels on the skin.

An overdose of hedione detonates the final explosion.


SIDE EFFECT (effet secondaire)

The tobacco/vanilla/rum/cinnamon harmony of this fragrance is spellbinding. It tantalises the most discerning senses by playing off each of its facets – leather, animal and the woody note of vanilla – one by one. Recklessly bold… and stirring.

Deeply buried emotions and passions take over. The fragrance lifts the veil on the unsayable.

This passionate perfume has the power to plunge its wearer into that altered state where nothing is too daring because there are no risks left.


PSYCHEDELIC LOVE (amour psychedelique)

The signature of this narcotic bomb lies in three essential ingredients: rose, hedione and heliotropin.

While hedione activates the brain regions linked to pleasure and the libido, heliotropin goes even further.

Equally tender and illicit, this crystalline powder hides its intentions well.

Beware of its creamy, powdery and floral facets, wavering between vanilla and almond!

Confronted with this diabolical indulgence, no one is safe from an olfactory obsession that can soon become a real addiction!


الصالون الأزرق يحتفل بإطلاق عطر “عود فور غرايتنس” (Oud For Greatness)


  • يُمكنكم زيارة الصالون الازرق، واكتشاف عطر “عود فور غرايتنس” Oud For Greatness  الإبداعية، والتي تشكل كوناً خاصاً يتركز حول الكلمات والحكايات، فهي طريق منتصف بين الحقيقة، والخيال الرائع.
  • “عود فور غرايتنس” هو عطر آسر وإستثنائي.


في أجواء مميزة من داخل فندق لاسيجال، وبحضورالسيد نبيل أبو عيسى نائب رئيس مجلس إدارة مجموعة أبو عيسى القابضة، والسيد فواز الإدريسي الرئيس التنفيذي لمجموعة أبو عيسى القابضة، والسيد  Julian Musette مدير التسويق والمبيعات لدار Initio Parfums Prives ØŒ وحشد من الإعلاميين والصحفيين، ومحبي العطور الفاخرة بجانب لفيف من المتخصّصين في مجال العطور والموضة، تم الإعلان عن إطلاق عطر “عود فورغرايتنس” حيث استمتع الحضور بالاطلاع على مراحل التكوين والتركيبات الفريدة لهذا العطر الفريد.


مستمدًّا كماله وطاقته من موارد علم الهندسة الروحانية، يبعث عطر “عود فور غرايتنس” (Oud For Greatness) قوّة الطبيعة، يقظة العظمة. نادراً ما يتمّ التعامل بإتقان مع الجوهر الطبيعي لخشب العود وبعظمة (وقسوة) في هذه المعادلة الجريئة حيث بالكاد يبرز تأثير الباتشولي أو المسك وكأنّه رفض قاطع لأي تشتّت يستهدف الحواس.تمّت معالجة ملمس العود بشكل طبيعي ومدروس من قبل المبتكر بطريقة منعشة (الخزامى) ومعزّزة بالتوابل (جوز الطيب، الزعفران). عطرٌ آسر وإستثنائي يجعل كلّ أحلامنا تتحقّق.


شجرة الحياة

ترتكز الهندسة الروحانية على الرموز القويّة التي تعكس الأشكال الأساسية المتواجدة في الطبيعة والكون.

تتواجد عند البشر، النبات، المعادن والمخلوقات كافّة. تُبيّن أن كلّ شيء مرتبط ببعضه البعض. وتجسّد القانون الإلهي للمظاهر الفيزيائية. ترتكز الهندسة الروحانية على رموز تنطوي على طاقات مستمدّة من العالم وعلى أحاسيس باطنية سامية. وإستناداً الى مبادئ الهندسة الروحانية ، تتمتّع شجرة الحياة بقدرة تعزيز استمراريّة الحياة. كما ترمز الى العلاقة القائمة بين الأرض والسماء.القوّة نفسها تكمن في العود.


يُطلق على العود تسمية “الذهب الأسود” ويشتهر ليس فقط بتكلفته الباهظة إنّما أيضاً بخيراته العديدة.

بتأثيره الروحاني والآسر، يعتبره البعض عبير الجنّة. أما بالنسبة للجميع، إن العود مصدر السعادة والفرح.

“يعزّز العود الحالة العقلية والروحية من خلال توفير التوازن، السلام الداخلي والنضوج الشخصي.” أما الحالة الذهنية الإيجابية فهي نتيجة لكلّ من النجاح والوفرة.تتمتّع خصائص تنشيط الذاكرة بقدرة شفائية تشجّع التأمّل. إنّ العود كنز ثمين يعزّز الرفاهية والإنسجام.