Kahramaa builds precast substation

DOHA: Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has built a model power substation from precast concrete in a record time by using the state of the art modern construction technology.

This achievement comes within Kahramaa endeavour to accelerate the development of the completion as per the highest quality, said a release.

Kahramaa’s Electricity Networks Affairs are using modern constructions techniques to reduce substation construction period. It managed to construct a distribution substation in 35 days using the precast concrete instead of 90 days by the transitions ways.

The substation was constructed by moving and installing these elements using the modern construction technology where many traditional construction stages were escaped including (bricks, carpentry and pouring concrete and many more. Working hours in the substation reached 350 hours without lost time injury (LTI).

The design began in April after approving architectural and construction designs, and getting approvals from authorities concerned.

The projects started at the beginning of May while the construction elements like concrete bases, walls, ceilings were prepared in a specialized factory.

Construction works were completed in mid-June. The site is well equipped and observes all security and safety standards.

This modern technology can be utilised to keep pace with the rapid urban development in the country and to accelerate customer provision with electricity services.

It comes within Kahramaa endeavor to achieve its mission of providing high quality and sustainable electricity and water for better living condtion in Qatar.

Kahramaa seeks to keep harmony among economic, social, and environmental activities to achieve its development objectives. The said project is an outstanding achievement in electricity distribution technology.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar