Katara concludes Eid festivities

Katara concludes Eid festivities


The Culture Village Foundation-Katara has concluded its Eid al-Adha festivities yesterday with a great turnout of people from different age categories and nationalities.

The three evening shows of Arabian Tales, in particular, received considerable applause from Katara’s visitors throughout the past three days, who said that they have spent an extraordinary time full of joy and entertainment. The visitors followed the three shows at different intervals in the evening, with each show going on for half an hour.
During the shows, Eid gifts were given to children.

The shows concluded with dazzling fireworks at the Katara Beach at 9.30pm. Adel al-Ansari, the general supervisor of Eid al-Adha festival at Katara said: “We were keen to present a comprehensive festival that blends entertainment with benefits through innovative ideas of theatrical performances.”

He pointed out that the performers presented the most celebrated characters, in addition to some acrobatic shows. Al-Ansari thanked the members of the public for taking part in the events and stressed that Katara’s festival was a grand success with a massive turnout of visitors.