KidZania Doha and World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) bring together the KidZania EDU ZUMMIT 2019!

As part of the Doha Learning Days, KidZania Doha and WISE gave life to an engaging workshop designed especially for educators.

KidZania Doha, a multi award-winning learning and entertainment brand, and World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an international initiative aimed at transforming education through innovation, team up to build a workshop designed especially for the educators of Qatar.

Committed to its vision, KidZania Doha aims to enrich the educational scene through this event partnered with WISE and Doha Learning Days. With the theme, “The Role We Play: Building a Creative Approach to Social Mobility,” the workshop aims to give emphasis on the importance of role play in the learning process of children and on how they will be able to build a creative approach to social mobility.

The KidZania Edu Zummit 2019 took place inside the city of KidZania Doha with over a hundred of educators participating from all over Qatar.

Dr. Ger Graus OBE, who is a renowned figure in the field of education and is also the Global Director of Education of KidZania, serves as the keynote speaker of the event. He was the founding CEO of Children’s University which is now a multiple-award winning international charity providing exciting and innovative learning opportunities outside school hours.

Dr Ger said ”it was very important for me today to be here today, and to see the exemplary practice at KidZania Doha, where we brought together teachers and representatives from the world of work of explore and discuss the important skills components that will determine how successful our young people will be in the years to come, and I cannot wait to come back and work with KidZania Doha further”

Dr Ger was joined by the presence of Ms. Muna Al Sulaiti, Head of Local Department of Qatar Red Crescent, and Capt. Ahmed El Said, Manager Cadet Pilot Program of Qatar Airways, Dr. Taj Kardaman, Qatar Career Development Centre as the panelists for the panel discussion.

KidZania EDU ZUMMIT is an initiative by KidZania Global and a tradition, to start this year in Doha, the summit aims to provide a platform for collaborators and educators to discuss and share their insights and knowledge when it comes to children’s learning – overcoming emerging challenges and providing a roadmap to our understanding of the future of the younger generation.

As part of the workshop, a question and answer segment then follow the panel discussion, and in order to enhance the experience and to discover the many educational benefits of role play, the educators participated in the Hands on Role-play experience as they try out the activities in the city establishments of KidZania Doha.

KidZania Doha is operated by Qatar Entertainment Tasali W.L.L., a National Qatari joint venture of Sharaka Holdings and Aspire Zone Foundation. It has been honored with recognition awards from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, National Tourism Council, Best Buddies and Shafallah, and is also classified as one of Qatar’s most accessible venues by Accessible Qatar.

KidZania Doha is located in the heart of Aspire Park in Doha, Qatar, with a footprint size of over 5,500 square 2meters. It provides a unique educational and entertainment experience, offering 42 establishments where children aged between two and fourteen years will be able to role play up to 60 ‘adult jobs’ while learning a variety of values including self-reliance, teamwork, honesty, integrity and society awareness.

KidZania is known as a favorite destination for out-of-class activities and stands for over 20 years as a champion in role playing. KidZania Doha officially opened its doors to the children of Qatar in May 2019 and became the 27th KidZania Metropolis around the world. The brand, who now caters to over 80 million visitors worldwide, also marks their 20th anniversary this year.