Lenticular portrait of the Amir, Father Amir draws attention at QIAF


Multimedia artist Michael Conjusta’s masterpiece, “Dual Perspective: Leadership in Harmony,” takes the spotlight at this year’s Qatar International Art Festival (QIAF). The lenticular portrait of HH the Amir and HH Father Amir is crafted with two primary goals: to give tribute to Qatar’s leadership and to engage viewers in a unique visual experience. 

Drawing significant attention of crowds who express awe and fascination as they watch the shifts within the painting, the Doha-based Filipino artist has indeed achieved his mission. 

“It’s heartwarming to hear a lot of “wow”, “amazing”, and “fantastic” as visitors pass by my booth and check my artwork. It’s seeing one image morph into another as you move. I love how they move from left to right, right to left with their mobile phones to see both images of Father Amir and the Amir,”

“I believe I have succeeded in my goals which are to create a special portrait, and for the people to pay close attention to it. The idea is to see more movement in the booth where the painting, along with my other artworks, is located,” said the 45-year-old artist, who invested seven days of meticulous work into the 70cm x 110cm mixed media art.

Unlike ordinary painting, the process of creating lenticular artwork is “more painstaking and challenging,” according to Conjusta who is joining QIAF for the 5th time. He emphasized the precision required, especially when featuring prominent figures like Qatar’s leaders.

“Because I chose the Amir and Father Amir as my subject, I had to be very careful with the details. And so far, I’m getting positive feedback. People said they were moved by the painting— visually and emotionally.”

Considering the idea of gifting duplicate works to HH the Amir and HH Father Amir, Conjusta expresses the honour it would be if his humble gift is accepted. Having called Qatar home for over 25 years, he sees creating the 2-in-1 portrait as one of his most cherished works, embodying his deep connection with the host country.

Visit the QIAF until tomorrow, November 25, and see diverse collection of artworks such as painting, sculpture, mixed media, clothing, accessories, and jewellery pieces from over 300 artists representing more than 60 countries. The festival welcomes visitors from 10 am to 10 pm at the Cultural Zone at Expo 2023 Doha, Al Bidda Park.

Source: Peninsula

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