1. Are you a makeup artist by profession?

Ans: Yes I am a makeup artist by profession.

2. Do you do makeup for a living?

Ans: Yes I do makeup for living, it’s my full-time job.

3. Since how long are you in this profession?

Ans: I’ve been in this profession for the past two and a half years (from March 2021)

4. What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

Ans: I’m a dancer, and during events we do our makeup by ourselves, I’ve helped my fellow dancers with their makeup and received compliments for the same. That is when I wanted to learn and become a pro makeup artist.

5. What Genre of makeup do you do?

Ans: I’m a trained Bridal makeup artist & Bridal Hairstylist. However, I can also do Hi-fashion look & SFX makeup.

6. What is one known makeup artist you look up to?

Ans: I always look up to Asmitha makeover artistry, Kannan rajamanickam & Raphael Oliver. All three of them have inspired me in different genres of makeup.

7. What do you think could be the drawbacks of being a makeup artist as a profession?

Ans: Makeup artist is such an underrated profession, people always mistake us for a beautician. Also, clients don’t understand the hard work behind the look we create for them instead bargain with us on our payments, which isn’t possible in any other profession.

8. Did you go to a makeup school or are you self-taught?

Ans: I have learned professional makeup and hairstyling courses from Asmitha makeover artistry in Chennai-India.

9. What helped you learning makeup the most?

Ans: My passion for makeup and my mentor.

10. How passionate are you about makeup?

Ans: I take up to 2 bridal clients in a day, though each session might take us 3 hours. Doing something that we love, makes us work harder.

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