Masarrat Misbah In Doha,Qatar

The multitalented beautician, cosmetologist by profession, Masarrat Misbah arrived in Doha on the 30th of April.
Misbah spoke about an issue which is still neglected and needs an insight towards, Acid victims/Acid survivors, the expert shared her knowledge on how the issue could be resolved at an event organized by iCare to raise awareness on coming out for acid attack victims and survivors

Misbah’s dynamic persona makes her a master at multiple talents and because of that she has become a name that needs no introduction as she rose above all odds, defying the norms and making an ideal life for herself and women around her as well.
Musarrat being an entrepreneur, cosmetologist and philanthropist breaks the stereotype and sets an example not only for the women of Pakistan but women all across the globe.

In 1980, she started to make women feel beautiful and confident about themselves by establishing a beauty salon named Depilex. The beautician,

also a cosmetologist continued her journey of success from there and the salon flourished making Masarrat Misbah one of the greatest entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

In 2003, as Misbah recalls and marks that day as the most important day of her life, a burka-clad lady appeared to one of her saloons and demanded to meet her. When the woman was inquired she asked Misbah to “fix her”. Later when asked what fixing required, Misbah came to know of one societies most cruel acts and practices. The woman was a victim of acid attack and demanded that her face to be fixed. Misbah was shocked. This brought a big change not only in Misbah’s life but to many women residing in Pakistan as that day, being a person with generous heart Misbah decided that she would help all the victimized women.

She posted an add in a newspaper right after taking that decision and 42 women responded.
In 2005,Misbah took a courageous step and founded “Depilex SmileAgain” which is a committee that helps acid victims. The committee helped victimized women regain their beauty.

An event to create awareness over such a beautiful cause was organized by DCZ Style, along with Biryani Express and Qlabel.qa under a foundation called #icare with the support of Whats Up Doha highlighting the event, where the ways of finding the solution to the issue and creating awareness on such taboos still existing was deeply discussed by Masarrat herself to the audience, majority left with shedding tears and wanting to do something from their end for the victimized women.

Being a living legend, we thought there could be nothing more needed from Misbah’s end to make us admire a soul as beautiful as hers even more but after her presence in Doha during the event organized by Icare to raise awareness about Acid Victims, we are in awe, the way Misbah’s explained and shared one woman’s story to another the crowd present was saddened and heart wrenched over the fact that such concepts still exist and there are still a number of women still facing such an act of cruelty.

While there are people like those who make women go through the torture and trauma of being an Acid Attack Victim, there are people like Misbah doing the unimaginable to make lives beautiful and worth living again for the survivors.

Feel free to contribute to the cause and support Misbah by doing your part at : Depilex Smileagain Foundation