Mashood Acharath


1:Are you a photographer by profession?

Ans: No

2: Do you do photography for a living?
Ans: No

3: Since how long are you in this profession?
Ans: Passionate photographer since 2012

4: What inspired you to become a photographer?
Ans: My love for capturing moments, expressing creativity, and telling stories through images.

5: What Genre of photography do you do?
Ans: Street photography

6: What is one known photographer you look up to?

Ans: Steve McCurry

7: What do you think could be drawbacks of being a photographer as a profession?
Ans: People do not realize the effort behind the shots, for them its just a click by finger.

8: Did you go to a photography school or are you self-taught?
Ans: Self-taught

9: What helped you learning photography the most?

Ans: YouTube and some photography clubs

10: How passionate are you about photography?

Ans: Can’t describe

11: How do you see WUD is contributing to society?
Ans: Timely update about whats happening around

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