Ministry of Labour launches new updates on its e-services


The Ministry of Labour has announced two new updates to its electronic services. These include the ability to electronically renew or cancel a labour recruitment office license, by following the instructions on the ministry’s website. The Ministry also affirmed that this update forms part of its digital transformation strategy to enhance performance, expedite transactions, and simplify procedures. 

Employers and owners of labour recruitment offices must apply for the renewal of their licenses electronically at least one month before they expire through the website of the Ministry of Labour. 

To be eligible for renewal, the establishment must have an active EID and valid commercial registration, with no bans or personal bans on its new owner, no active renewal requests, and no complaints against the office. 

In the case of requesting the cancellation of a labour recruitment office license, the application will be accepted if there are no bans on the establishment, no personal bans on the current owner, no complaints against the office, and nine months have passed since the announcement of the office’s closure in an official newspaper.

The Ministry of Labour has launched a comprehensive digital platform for all its services in coordination with various relevant authorities to ensure the quality of services. To date, the Ministry provides provides 80 electronic services through its website.

Source: Peninsula

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