Mohamed Ashiq

Name   :
Mohamed Ashiq

Date of Birth : 7/  3 / 1995

Nationality : Indian ( kerala )

1.Are you a photographer by profession?

 No.  photography is not ma profession. Ma passion , DREAM

2. Do you do photography for a living?

No ,  but personally i love this job

3. Since how long are you in this profession?

  May b when i get a camera mobile

4. What inspired you to become a photographer?
Professional photos

5. What Genre of photography do you do?
 Landscape photography , Golden hour photography , travel photography

6. What is one known photographer you look up to?
Steve McCurry

7. What do you think could be drawbacks of being a photographer as a profession?
 I think  actually I don’t have a camera.  I have only mobile camera.  Ma mobile is iphone x .  May be thats ma drawback .

8. Did you go to a photography school or are you self-taught?
 only self thought

9. What helped you learning photography the most?
  Nature love.  Nature !

10. How passionate are you about photography?
A lot.  More than words.  I love this field.  I love photography  its ma passion ever !!