MoI provides link to check if you can apply for Qatar Permanent Residency

Doha: Now you check if you are eligible to apply for permanent residency.

The Interior Ministry has provided a link to check if one is eligible to apply for a Permanent Residency Card.

The user needs to enter the Qatar ID number and the date of expiry on the form and click submit.

The website will then tell you if you are eligible or not to apply for the Permanent Residency Card.

If not eligible it shows a message “QID is not eligible to apply for Permanent Residency.”

If you are eligible it will specify the type of category for which you can apply and provides a link to apply.

It will show the message “QID is eligible to apply for Permanent Residency under below categories.”

The application for a permanent residence card is electronically submitted through the Ministry of Interior website.

Ministry had earlier explained the conditions for granting PR card.


Source: Peninsula